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Im using the daterangepicker plugin from the followinng link: http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/date_range_picker_using_jquery_ui_16_and_jquery_ui_css_framework/

It is working fine within itself but i want to incorporate this within datatables plugin to filter the records by a single date or a range.

I have a date column in datatables which is in the same dateformat as daterangepicker (each record only has a single date).

Does anybody have any ideas of integrating this? Any help/advice would be fantastic, thanks in advance.

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Your question should contain relevant code. I found this looking for a solution, but your link is now broken, so this question is very difficult to use. –  cale_b Feb 28 at 16:50

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Just answered your other version of this question. To summarize:

  1. Create datepicker inputs.
  2. Copy the date range filter extension from the filters API page.
  3. Give your datepicker inputs the appropriate IDs based on what's in the extension code (or change the extension code to match your datepicker input IDs): fini and ffin are what the extension uses.
  4. In the extension code, specify the zero-based date column(s) that you're using to filter, with iStartDateCol and iEndDateCol.
  5. Bind the table redraw to some event (redraw: oTable.fnDraw();). The example they provide on the API page is a keyup event for the input boxes but it could be a button.

Now whenever the event occurs, the table will redraw taking into consideration the specified date range filtering on the column of choice.

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