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I have created new login skin object which contain a single hyperlink. this skinobject is placed on another custom sking object. When this login hyperlink is clicked i open a popup a div, this div contains the DNN's built in login control placed in Desktopmodules/Admin/Autanticationservice/. Now when login module pops up and i click on login button, this hits to the login_clicked event of the DNN's Login module. Here i see through debugging that user passes the authantication but inside this method on the last line "OnUserAuthenticated(args)" does not being called...???Why??? any ideas..???

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plz help i am stuck to this... – Manish Pandey Mar 20 '12 at 12:58

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I had this one, too, haven't figured out how to fix the real problem, but you can get around it by replacing:

UserController.ValidateUser(PortalId, txtUsername.Value, txtPassword.Value, "DNN", string.Empty, PortalSettings.PortalName, IPAddress, ref loginStatus);


UserController.UserLogin(PortalSettings.PortalId, txtUsername.Value, txtPassword.Value, string.Empty, PortalSettings.PortalName, IPAddress, ref loginStatus, false);

It will at least log you in then, but you will have to deal with redirecting yourself.

It is a hack and I'm not happy with it, but hopefully this helps someone else.

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