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I am learning and trying simple example using node.js and mongoskin. here is my function below

Problem following function is, if the mongodb server is disconnected then also I get the "err=null" hence not able catch connection error. If I restart node.js server (while mongoDB server is still disconnected) I get error as "[Error: failed to connect to [server-aa070:27017]]"

// Process messages from client
   app.post('/send', function(req, res){
   var message = {
        id: i++,
      nickname: req.param('nickname', 'Anonymous'),
          text: req.param('text', ''),
created_at: new Date()

conn.chat_log.insert(message, function(err) {
   else {
res.json({status: 'ok'});
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Are you sure mongo is running? –  Swift Apr 9 '12 at 1:53

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I'm new to node.js and mongodb, but why are you using if(err!==null) rather than if(err)? If I'm understanding correctly, wouldn't this solve your problem?

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Actually, I think I did misunderstand your problem. Sorry. Are you saying that when you can't connect to the DB, you're not getting an error that has the value "null"? –  Akrasiac Apr 9 '12 at 2:33
I mean I need some way to understand that mongoDB is not connected, whenever it get's disconnected in node.js. so That err object should return error something like "MongoDB is not connected" –  Swati Apr 26 '12 at 11:20

Don't know about mongoskin, but for the node-mongo-native driver (the driver that mongoskin is built on), the author said:

Note that there's no reason to pass a callback to the insert or update commands unless you use the safe:true option. If you don't specify safe:true, then your callback will be called immediately.

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