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How can i only output that yes or no by skiping anything?

$ pactl list sources | grep -A 6 "Name: alsa_input.usb.analog-mono" | tail -n 1 | perl -p -i -e 's/.+\\s(yes|no)$/$1/'

Mute: no

insead show only: no

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Your perl expression is broken. Observe:

$ echo "Mute: no" | perl -p -i -e 's/.+\\s(yes|no)$//'
Mute: no

It doesn't do anything! The reason it doesn't do anything is because nothing is matching. Why not? Because you unnecessarily escaped \s. The correct expression should be s/.+\s(yes|no)$/$1/. Notice the single \ preceding s.

With this new expression we get:

$ echo "Mute: no" | perl -p -i -e 's/.+\s(yes|no)$/$1/'
$ echo "Mute: yes" | perl -p -i -e 's/.+\s(yes|no)$/$1/'

Note that this still doesn't do what you want, because if nothing matches, the whole line is emitted as is. For example:

$ echo "Mute: monkies" | perl -p -e 's/.+\s(yes|no)$/$1/'
Mute: monkies

While this can probably solved with a more complex regular expression, I will not do so. Instead I will quote the following:

Sometimes when people see a problem, they think to themselves "I know, I will use regex." Now they have two problems.

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This works:

LANG=C pactl list sources | perl -0 -lne'print $1 if /Name: alsa_input.usb.analog-mono\n(?:\N+\n){5}\s+Mute: (yes|no)/ms'

But you need to parse this properly, you cannot rely on the Mute line always coming exactly 6 lines after.

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perl -M5.010 -ne 'say $1 if m/\s(yes|no)$/i'
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Can't open perl script "say $1 if m/\\s(yes|no)$/i": No such file or directory –  YumYumYum Mar 19 '12 at 11:21
@YumYumYum, as part of a pipeline, -i makes no sense, otherwise it's sucking up the 'e' part of the switch as the extension, so it doesn't recognize the next argument as code. –  Axeman Mar 19 '12 at 11:39

from perl perspective:

perl -p -i -e 's/.+\\s(yes|no)$/$1/is'

Please insert the raw input and what do you want achive (expected output)

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Shows still Mute: no instead no only. –  YumYumYum Mar 19 '12 at 11:21

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