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I have the next code that was given to me to split up a string into an array.

var chk = str.split(/[^a-z']+/i);

The problem I'm having with this solution is that if the string has a period in the end, it's being replaced with ","

For example: If I have the next string: "hi,all-I'm-glad." The solution above results: "hi,all,I'm,glad," (notice the "," in the end). I need that the new string will be: "hi,all,I'm,glad"

How can I acheive it ?

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If you had actually tried some of the alternative solutions in your last post, you would have found the answer. –  Joel Lundberg Mar 19 '12 at 11:25
@JoelLundberg, I've looked into other solution in my last post and none solved the problem for me –  Alon Mar 19 '12 at 11:27

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Check for a . being the last character and remove it first

var str = "hi,all-I'm-glad. that you, can help,me. that-doesn't make any-sense, I know.";
if(str.charAt( str.length-1 ) == ".") {
   str = str.substring(0,str.length-1);
var chk = str.split(/[^a-z']+/i);
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Thanks, worked. –  Alon Mar 19 '12 at 11:31
var chk = str.match(/[a-z']+/gi);

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You could check to see if the last element of your string array returns an empty string and remove that element

if (chk[chk.length-1] == "")
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var chk="to.to.".split(/[^a-z']+/i); if(chk[chk.length-1].length==0){chk.pop()}; console.log(chk);

To remove the last value of your array using pop if this one is empty.

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You can utilize the pure regex power:

"hi,all-I'm-glad. that you, can help,me. that-doesn't make any-sense, I know.".replace(/[\-\.\s]/g, ',').replace(/,{2,}/g, ',').replace(/,$/,'')
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