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Access violation error on togglebutton->getValue during runtime in wxwidgets?

 fxButtonYesNo = new wxToggleButton( this, wxID_ANY, wxT("OFF") );
           wxCommandEventHandler(fxButtonYesNoState) );

 void fxButtonYesNoState( wxCommandEvent& event )
   { bool fxPressedValue = fxButtonYesNo->GetValue();
     { fxTextPre->SetLabel("FX ON "); }
      else { fxTextPre->SetLabel("FX OFF "); 

} }>

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Ok, the error was found! The Connect function to the togglebutton was not complete and hence an access violation error! The complete Connect function is:

fxButtonYesNo->Connect( wxEVT_COMMAND_TOGGLEBUTTON_CLICKED, wxCommandEventHandler(fxButtonYesNoState), nulltpr, this );

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