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I would prefer a web-based, open source tool that we can use to manage clients, projects, list time, and allow project managers to assign tasks to us developers. Would also be nice if we had some kind of tracking or hooks into source control, but we still don't run any in our office, I'm pushing for SVN.

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I prefer Microsoft Project 2010, but if you like open source projects, you can use dotProject http://www.dotproject.net/

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Very true! Opting for a project management software depends on your necessities. We use Microsoft Project 2010 which fulfills all our project management needs. It is not just a best collaboration software but it is also one of the best project scheduling software as well. If anyone is looking for a web based project management software I will recommend Microsoft Project 2010 because of its great features.

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You might want to check out TeamLab. It is available is SaaS and open source. CRM, projects, task assignment, time-tracking are available.

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