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I've got a problem using Richfaces-3.3.3 with JBoss-Seam 2.2 as my environment:

I have a richfaces <rich:dataTable> inside a <rich:tab>. The parent tabPanel has two tabs total, so the structure is like this:

<rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax" selectedTab="t1">
  <rich:tab id="t1" label="List1">...</rich:tab>
  <rich:tab id="t2" label="List2">
    <rich:dataTable value="#{objList}" var="obj">
        <rich:dragSupport dragIndicator=":indicator" dragType="talent" dragValue="${obj}"/>
           <h:outputText value="#{obj.score}"/>

Now I want to drag #{obj.score} to t1's header and drop it there, calling a backing method that would add obj to the list contained in t1.

I can't add <rich:dropSupport> inside t1, tab does not support a header facet, and wrapping rich:tab in a rich:dropSupport tag makes the tab disappear.

So - is there a way to have the header of a rich:tab generate drop events?

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I haven't found a solution in months and no answers here says "no, there is no way" is the answer.

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