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I'm receiving on my controller some int which is parameter I'm using for getting entity. This entity have List Collection which I need to load together with my entity. I cannot access Fetch method in session.Get so I dont know how to achive. When in my view I tried to access to my collection like entity.Collection it throws an error, no session or session was closed

Here is my code

public ActionResult Details(int id)
   MyDomain.Property data = null;
   using (//open session)
      using (//using transaction)
          data = session.Get<MyDomain.Property>(id);                    
          //I need to load Photo() collection. 
   return PartialView("DetailsPartial", data);        
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Your entity has a collection's property with a proxy (not real collection). When you close session you can't use lazy load, so, you need to get real collection objects. You should get it with query:

 .Where(entity => entity.Id == id)
 .Fetch(entity => entity.CollectionProperty).Eager
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