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We're checking our code using the PMD 'check' goal that is bound to the 'verify' life cycle. (http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-pmd-plugin/examples/violationChecking.html)

For the 'pmd' goal you can add 'excludes' and 'excludeRoots' but not for the 'check' goal.

How does one exclude eg. generated sources directories?

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You need to do the pmd:pmd first and afterwards do a pmd:check. You can configure that simply by using. Bind that to a particular lifecycle-phase which is before verify. For example into package or pre-integration-test phase.


The check goals (check, cpd-check are exactly intended to fail a build if there are some violations. So you can define some exceptions for the pmd goal which folders should be included/excluded.

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