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Iam trying to make clicked position to center in flex. My code is

    <s:Parallel id="transformer" target="{swe}">
        <s:Scale id="scaleby" scaleXBy="0.2" scaleYBy="0.2" autoCenterTransform="false"/>           

   <s:Group width="500" height="350" clipAndEnableScrolling="true">
               <s:SWFLoader source="CasuarinaBigMap.swf"  width="500"   height="350" id="swe" click="swe_clickHandler(event)"/> 


protected function swe_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
        scaleby.transformX = event.mouseX;
        scaleby.transformY = event.mouseY;

My qustion is How can I make clicked point pan into the center of the box? Pls help.


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This ought to do the trick:

    <s:Move id="moveEffect" />

<s:Group id="mapContainer" width="300" height="300" clipAndEnableScrolling="true"
         click="pan(event.localX, event.localY)">

    <s:Image id="map" source="@Embed('bigMap.png')" />

'localX' and 'localY' are the mouse's 'x' and 'y' position relative to the mapContainer.

And now the pan() method:

private function pan(mouseX:Number, mouseY:Number):void {
    //calculate the offset from mapContainer's center
    var diffX:Number = mapContainer.width/2 - mouseX;
    var diffY:Number = mapContainer.height/2 - mouseY;

    //move the map through the move effect
    moveEffect.xFrom = map.x;
    moveEffect.yFrom = map.y;
    moveEffect.xTo = diffX;
    moveEffect.yTo = diffY;

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Could the person who downvoted this answer please clarify what he thinks is wrong with it? Also couldn't help but notice that this answer was downvoted roughly at the same time... –  RIAstar Mar 23 '12 at 9:16

Try using a Move effect instead of a Scale effect.

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