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After 4 hours of googling and more hours of experiments pretty much my last hope is that someone can tell me what is going on when I try the following:

    sqlite3 test1.sqlite
    attach database 'test2.sqlite' as newDB;

This works - no error messages and ".databases" shows "newDB" as #2. "newDB" and "main" have exactly the same structure: same tables, same columns, same names for everything. Simple stuff like

    select * from main.ztip;


    select * from newDB.ztip;

works. ("ztip" being, obviously, a valid table name in both DBs.) But when I try to do what I need to do (omitting the WHERE clause for simplicity)

    update main.ztip set zisfavorite=newDB.ztip.zisfavorite;

BOOM! The column "newDB.ztip.zisfavorite" isn't found. Same goes for

    update main.ztip set zisfavorite=newDB.zisfavorite;

which I tried out of desperation. (Column names are unique.)

Anybody know whether what I want do is possible and how to make to work?

Thanks in advance, Tom

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Because your previous command is for only displaying the data from newDB, not storing it! – hjpotter92 Mar 19 '12 at 12:12

It's not quite clear what you're trying to update here.

You can use UPDATE my_table SET col_a=col_b when col_a and col_b are columns in the same table: this will update set value of col_b into col_b for each row. col_b isn't just a column name, but it's associated with a specific value in this case.

However, in update main.ztip set zisfavorite=newDB.ztip.zisfavorite, newDB.ztip.zisfavorite represents an entire column. There is no reason to know which row and value you're willing to use.

Perhaps you should use something like:

UPDATE main.ztip z1 SET zisfavorite=(SELECT z2.zisfavorite FROM newDB.ztip z2 WHERE z2.id=z1.id)

The details of the where clause will depend on the actual structure of your tables, of course. Make sure it returns only one value.

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Thanks, Bruno. Sorry for the confusion about "what I want to update". I should have left the WHERE clause in place (where ztipid=7) to make it clear that that was not the problem. – tlittle Mar 19 '12 at 13:30
Where is your WHERE clause? You'll need a SELECT to select a specific row/value from the other table. – Bruno Mar 19 '12 at 13:35
Finally! This is the only answer I found anywhere that works! – Phil Sep 19 '14 at 17:11

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