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I have an HTML page with a variety of divs on it. For instance, something like this:

<div id="myDiv1">
  <input id="myInput1" type="text" />
  <input id="myInput2" type="text" />
  <input id="myButton" type="button" value="Button" />

<div id="myDiv2">
  <!-- My Content -->

How do I use JQuery to:

  1. Get ALL input fields of type text within myDiv1
  2. Get a single input field inside of a div

Traditionally, I would use the following:

var textFields = $(":text");
var myInput = $("#myInput1");

However, I would really like to understand how to search within a single DIV element.

Thank you so much!

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Use the find() method.


If you know that the inputs are direct children of #myDiv1 (this is faster)


Or you can also use an optional second parameter to $, which is the context.

$('input[type="text"]', '#myDIv1');

You should also store #myDiv1 since you are using it more than one time:

var $myDIv  = $('#myDiv1'),
    $inputs = $myDiv.children('input[type="text"]'),
    $input  = $myDiv.children('input#myInput1');
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There is an optional context parameter for jquery selectors which does exactly what do you want to do;

var a = $("a", "#yourDiv");
var p = $("input[type='text']", $("#myDiv"));

Context parameter either could be a string or jquery object.

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