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I am trying to plot some one-dimensional data onto a 2-D plot in MATLAB.

Basically, I have a waveform output and I would like to have vertical lines superposed at relevant data points. At the moment, I am plotting on top of my pre-existing figure with the following code:

plot(velocityPeaks(:,1), 0, 'r.');

This produces a red dot at y = 0 for each of the positions that 'velocityPeaks' contains a value. I'd prefer to have this as a vertical red line that cuts through the whole graph. Here is my current output:

enter image description here

Those red dots - at the moment I have to use a ruler against the computer screen to see exactly what they relate to. Not the ideal solution!

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Have you considered stem? –  Oliver Charlesworth Mar 19 '12 at 12:33
Seconded @OliCharlesworth's suggestion: stem(velocityPeaks(:,1),velocityPeaks(:,2)) –  Jonas Mar 19 '12 at 13:39

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This should work:

plot(velocityPeaks(:,[1 1]) , ylim,'r-')

This will plot a series of vertical lines at the locations of velocityPeaks(:,1) at the y limits already contained in the plot. To specify the limit yourself, use, for example:

plot(velocityPeaks(:,[1 1]) , [4 9],'r-')
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This isn't exactly what you wanted, but whenever I do something like this I like to plot circles on top of original waveform at the peak locations. So something like this (assuming velocity is the original waveform):

velocityPeakValues = velocity(velocityPeaks);
plot(velocityPeaks(:,1), velocityPeakValues(:,1), 'ro');
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Maybe you can use the data cursor icon in the figure, and then click on the red points to get its coordinates.

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