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I dont seem to be able to understand how to get the form data with heist. I just started looking into Haskell web frameworks but documentation is a bit ... scarce, to say the least. There is no mention of forms in the skinny heist tutorial on the snap website. So given a simple html form, how do I get the form data for processing into my handler function? Can anyone point me to a tutorial, google just keeps quiet on this one? Or maybe a short example ...

Also, where do I get information on the conditional control? Say, if I want conditionally include certain parts of the html within my page, how do I do it with heist? Basically, where is the "if"?


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Have you tried getQueryParams for GETs or getPostParams for POSTs, from Snap.Core ? I have not used them but they seem to do what you describe. – Paul R Mar 19 '12 at 16:05
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See Using digestive functors with Heist for a good tutorial on simple forms, and mightybyte's musings about heist. If you're planning on using multipart/form-data use the Snap.Util.FileUploads module.

You could use a Splice to generate content based on a condition.
A Splice returns a list of Node's,

mySplice = do
  -- get environment conditions
  -- condition could be passed in as a parameter 
  if condition 
     then return [] -- do nothing
     else return [TextNode "some content"] -- see Text.XmlHtml

You would then bind this splice to a tag using something like:

bindSplice myTag mysplice defaultHeistState

And place <myTag/> in your template. When Heist renders the template, it will evaluate the splice when it encounters the tag and insert the value in its place.

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Thanks for the "if" example. I'll try to digest this. Also, thank you for the tutorial link, although it does not explain what I need. I dont want to generate a form or do anything fancy. I just want to write a form using just HTML and stick it in heist template. Given a simple <INPUT> tag and submit, what function do I use from within the action handler to grab the form data? What can possibly be simpler? :) Thanks. – r.sendecky Mar 20 '12 at 13:24
@r.sendecky In that case you would just use getParam or getPostParam as mentioned above by Paul. – qubital Mar 20 '12 at 15:22
Thank you. That should do it. I was confused about the function getParams because I thought it is used to extract the URL variable. Apparently it does both. I dont understand yet how it works but I will test it. – r.sendecky Mar 21 '12 at 2:28

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