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I have some python modules containing mostly functions and a few classes. Each one is documented using sphinx-autodoc in a separate rst. What I want to do is to create a table or list of the module's contents at the top of each page, so for example, of is

def first():
    'First function'

def second():
    'Second function'

And mymodule.rst is

Page Contents



.. automodule:: mymodule

Then the output should look something like this:

Page Contents



    First function

    Second function

The question how to do :create_page_contents_list:. I've have a look at using a TOC, but it seems that I would need to manually create an entry for each item. I've also looked at autosummary, but I still need to list the members. Any suggestions for automating this? I'd rather avoid third-party extensions.

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You probably want something like the autosummary extension.

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Can you provide an example of its use in this case? – A-B-B Jun 27 '13 at 21:45
Currently that link seems to be broken. Something about a redirect loop. – Paul Vincent Craven Jan 10 at 22:01

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