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Having a Zend_Form with a Zend_Form_Element_Select on it, i can set ONE option selected with setDefault. But how can i select multiple items on that element, like

$this->setDefaults(array('groups' => 5, 'groups', 7));

But this will only select the option with value 7, option with value 5 is still NOT selected :( ($this is zend_form)

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a Zend_Form_Element_Select element can only have one value. If you want a multiselect element, you can use Zend_Form_Element_Multiselect. To set the defaults, you can use either:

$this->setDefaults(array('elementName' => array(5, 7)));


$this->setDefault('elementName', array(5, 7));
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Thanks, that was it! –  Sascha Presnac Mar 20 '12 at 7:22

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