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I have Two tables (with fields) :

articles : id,title,description
content_tags : content_type_id, object_id ,tag_id

content_type = https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/contrib/contenttypes/

Basically content_type_id is something like ID of a table...And object_id is ROW ID (in that table)..

And so (content_type_id + object_id) uniquely identifies a row..!!

Now each article is linked to any content_type using tags..!!

So Articles of "Mercedez Benz" will be those articles that contains the same tags as tags for "Mercedez Benz"..!!

So my question is :

A SQL Query to filter ARTICLES, both by `tags` AND `Content_type + 
Object_id` ..??

Something like :

SELECT [article_scope] FROM (.....) WHERE tag_id in (1,2,4)


SELECT [article_scope] FROM (.....) 
WHERE content_type_id=[content_type_id of Cars table] 
AND object_id = [id of Mercedez benz]

I want a query similar to this but consisting of only JOINS and no INTERSECT:

(SELECT jc.id FROM articles as jc  ORDER BY jc.id) 
(SELECT distinct(object_id) FROM content_tags 
  WHERE content_type_id=52 AND tag_id in (
    SELECT tag_id FROM content_tags 
    WHERE content_type_id=14 
    AND object_id in (2)

// Where 52 is content_type_id of Articles table
// and 14 is content_type_id of Cars table
// and 2 is RowID of Mercedez Benz
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can u post some sample data n desired o/p.... –  SOaddict Mar 19 '12 at 13:39
i have updated my question..please see to it..!! –  Ramandeep Singh Mar 19 '12 at 13:55

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