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I am trying to add a fileupload control to my aspx page so the user can add pictures, but when I am implementing the code behind on VB the fileuploader controler is not recognized.

I have this on aspx page inside a formview:

    <div id="TaskScreenError">
        Upload a Screenshot of Error:
        <asp:FileUpload ID="ErrorScreen" runat="server"   />

And I have the following code on my VB, but it says ErrorScreen is not declared.

Dim filereceived As String = ErrorScreen.PostedFile.FileName  
    ' validate the file to ensure it is an image
    Select Case Right(filereceived, 4)
        Case ".jpg", ".tif", ".bmp", ".gif"
        Case Else
            lblErrMsg.Text = "Image is in a format we don't accept, please use jpg, tif, bmp or gif."
            Exit Sub
    End Select

It might be something really stupid but I cant figure it out what is the problem.

Please help.


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Since your FileUpload control is inside the InsertTemplate, you cannot access the FileUpload control directly. You have to do something like this:

Dim fileUpload As FileUpload = TryCast(YOURFORMVIEWID.FindControl("ErrorScreen"), FileUpload)
If fileUpload Is Nothing Then    
    ' Handle if the FileUpload can't be found
    Dim filereceived = fileUpload.PostedFile.FileName    
    ' Continue your code here...
End If
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Thank you for you answer, have solved my problem! Cheers –  CPM Mar 19 '12 at 14:18

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