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Is there a way to have one View opened all the time, and change the Activity on top of it? Or do I need to have that View called from all the Activities?
The idea is to have View on the bottom, and then move the upper one onClick to some position, so I reveal only a part of lower one. Lower one will have some buttons. Is there way to do that? And how? (some code, or pseudo-code would be nice. :) )

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You should look into Fragment. Think of a fragment like a partial activity. Fragments were introduced in Android 3.0 but using the Support Package, you can put Fragments in applications all the way back to Android 1.5.


In your question, I'm assuming you're describing some kind of persistent footer. With Fragments, you'd write your application in a single Activity. A footer fragment would stay visible while body fragments would be swapped out by clicking on the footer. The Fragment hide/show example provided by Google should give you some good ideas.


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