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How to sort ints line by line and get the number of ints in each line?

I have the Input

4 2 32 8 6

10 7 9 21 2 3

14 1 5 

And the output must be

2 4 6 8 32  count = 5

2 3 7 9 10 21 count = 6

1 5 14 count = 3
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Read the input line by line and store these numbers in std::vector<int>. After last number is read, sort this vector and print the output.


while (line <= read line)
    while (number <= read next number from line)
    sort vector
    for each int i in sorted vector:
        cout << i << " ";
    cout << "count = " << vector.size() << endl;

These questions will help you:
how to sort STL vector
How do I iterate over cin line by line in C++?

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