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Data synchronization on multiple locations:

Application is deployed on different locations, I want to update master database at the end of day such that new sales orders of the day from all locations should be inserted into master database.

At the time of insertion of a new sales order in the local database at a particular location, application first ensure that this customer is new customer who is not in the local as well as master database. If customer data is already present in the master database , then local database must be populated with essential details of a customer available in the master



CUST_ID sequence (PK)
Name varchar2
DOB  DateTime
SSN DateTime


CUST_ID (FK) Refrences Customer,



At the end of day I want to update the master database, with all the details of new data that is inserted in the databases on different locations.

The approach which i want to follow is:

//select name, dob,ssn from customer where ssn=:ssn
set recordExistInMasterDatabase=true;

if (recordExistInMasterDatabase)
    insert into location.Cutomer(name,dob,ssn) values(master.name,master,dob,master.ssn)
    insert into location.Cutomer(name,dob,ssn) values('John','19-MAR-2012','1111-222222-8989888'}

Now at the end of day i want to update the master database with the new customers that are registered on different locations.

Please suggest me the articles, techniques, tutorial so that i can achive the above functionality. I want to start my work after deciding a particular technique. Is there any tool to do this? What about oracle data integrator? Should I implement web service to communicate with the master database?

I want to implement this using pure java + oracle sql + jsf for web. I have eclipse, oracle 11g.

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If you are using Oracle as the back-end, is there a reason that you don't want to use Oracle's built-in replication technologies? That would seem substantially easier and more foolproof than trying to build replication into your application. Plus, it would be much more efficient-- your application would only have to concern itself with reading and writing from the local database with the replication happening asynchronously and automatically. –  Justin Cave Mar 19 '12 at 14:16
I want to build a web application that will be deployed on remote locations, it will have a simple interface and will synch with the master database. I am not familiar with Oracle's built-in replication technologies, I started to read the white papers on oracle website, Is there any implementation available or open source application that i may customize for the above job. –  bilalhaider Mar 25 '12 at 5:37

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