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I am interested in the underlying data structure of the database and the way stackoverflow manages tags. I am about to build application that will rely entirely on tag based filters and I seek for the right approach. What is the best way to design the database, so a minimum queries will have to run in future when working with the sets of tags to filter my data. I did use the search, but couldn't find what I am looking for.

Any links, suggestions are appreciated. Regards

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Stackoverflow does not rely entirely on SQL database to work with tags. They cache, pre-sort and pre-aggregate them aggressively.

Read this interesting story of one optimization.

From there you can get some insights on how stackoverflow works.

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Thanks for the tip, I will read it now. –  greenLizard Mar 19 '12 at 14:05

I don't know if they do it well, but you may want to look at Drupal taxonomy for ideas (http://drupal.org/documentation/modules/taxonomy). If you run the installation, you can look at how they handle this in the generated db.

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