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I am attempting to use a remote service to populate an autocomplete field that I have in rails. It is supposed to query and return available employees by last name

I have an action in my controller called employeeAutocomplete which gathers data from an outside database:

class ServicesController < ApplicationController
 def employeeAutocomplete
  @banner = employeeSearch(params[:term])
  respond_to do |format|
    format.json { render :json => @banner.to_json }

In my routes.rb I have a placeholder route:

match '/banner/cheese' => 'services#employeeAutocomplete'

I can successfully browse to and receive an array such as the following with employee data:

[ {"LAST_NAME": "MacDougal", "FIRST_NAME": "Elaine", "TITLE": "Internet Technician"}, {"LAST_NAME": "MacCallum", "FIRST_NAME": "Harvey", "TITLE": "Systems Architect"} ]

However, this does not work with the autocomplete field. Here's the javascript for my view:

    source: "/banner/cheese.json"

I receive an error in the firebug console: I receive an error in the firebug console

I'm at wits end. I do not know what I'm doing wrong, I've tried two different autocomplete plugins and keep getting this same error jquery.js:8103


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Can you show the whole text of the error that appears in the JavaScript console? –  Jergason Mar 19 '12 at 14:16
That is it. It says GET and then it says jquery.js:8103 Here is an image –  Oranges13 Mar 19 '12 at 14:25
I've even just modified the json it returns to fit the "label", "value" keys and that has made zero difference. I can still access the url through the web browser, but javascript acts like its inaccessible. If I paste the generated array directly into the source: it works! Something is wrong with the routing here. Why can't the backend js access the url like I can? –  Oranges13 Mar 19 '12 at 14:28
Can you do an AJAX request without the autocomplete stuff? So $.get('/banner/cheese.json', function (data, status, xhr) {console.log(data);}) –  Jergason Mar 19 '12 at 14:30
I added a term request so it would hopefully return something $.get('/banner/cheese.json?term=mcc', function (data, status, xhr) {console.log(data);}) and received the same message as the image above in the comment. –  Oranges13 Mar 19 '12 at 14:39

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Maybe you encoded the data twice with render :json => @banner.to_json. It should be render :json => @banner, and the data will be encoded automatically.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Didn't seem to make a difference though :( –  Oranges13 Mar 19 '12 at 14:39
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Believe it or not it was Google Chrome causing the issue. Apparently it dislikes localhost ajax calls. Here is the updated code working as intended:


$(function() {
 $( "#service_employeeLast" ).autocomplete({
    source: "/banner/fetch",
    minLength: 2,



def employeeAutocomplete
    @banner = employeeSearch(params[:term])
    @banner_hash = []
    @banner.each do |b|
        @banner_hash << { 
            :title => b["POSITION_TITLE"], 
            :label => [b["FIRST_NAME"], b["LAST_NAME"]].join(" "), 
            :value => b["LAST_NAME"], 
    render :json => @banner_hash

The key here also that your return value hash has a label and value key/value pair

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