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I want to access request in the Rack::ResponseHeaders. I am using Sinatra in my app.

Below is my code:

use Rack::ResponseHeaders do |headers|

  # Manipulation of request variables.
  # Setting request headers.


The question is that in order to manipulate variables in request, I need to have the request variable first.

Please suggest.

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which variables do you need to manipulate? – Patrick Oscity Mar 19 '12 at 16:18
I want to check the request headers. I need to actually set a response header only if request has a certain header in it. – Haseeb Khan Mar 20 '12 at 11:10

First thing is, you need to install the gem rack-contrib via rubygems:

$ gem install rack-contrib

This gem contains contributed rack utilities. Then you need to require this gem in your app:

require 'rack/contrib'

It may be enough to only require the response headers utility (not tested):

require 'rack/contrib/response_headers'

Then you can use this utility to tap into the headers, for example:

use Rack::ResponseHeaders do |headers|                     # tap into headers
    unless headers['cache-control']                        # if header not set,
        headers['cache-control'] = "public, max-age=1800"  # set it to ...

Let me know whether this is working for you.

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