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I am using the new ios5 "NSJSONSerialization" function to obtain some tech-news from a website. I seem to have everything working OK, up until the point when I try to parse the NSDictionary into an NSArray. I have included the code here. The first console test (test 1) is working great - I get a console full of returned json data. But at the second console test (test 2 - the one that checks the contents of the nsarray), gives this message: "Array returned: (null)". Any ideas? Is it because I reused the error variable, maybe? I'm stumped.

Here's the code:

// create the string for making the api call to the website
NSString* theURL = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=9DfJELfJ2xGnjAQWJphxuA&_render=json"];

// declare and assign variables necessary to generate the actual url request
NSError* err = nil;
NSURLResponse* response = nil;
NSMutableURLRequest* request = [[NSMutableURLRequest alloc] init];
NSURL* URL = [NSURL URLWithString:theURL];
[request setURL:URL];
[request setCachePolicy:NSURLRequestReloadIgnoringLocalCacheData];
[request setTimeoutInterval:30];

// make the actual url request - get the data from yahoo pipes, in json format
NSData* jsonData = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:request returningResponse:&response error:&err];

// assign the entire result to a dictionary
NSDictionary *resultsDictionary = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:jsonData options:kNilOptions error:&err];
//*** test 1: use the console to test results:
NSLog(@"NSDictionary returned: %@",resultsDictionary);

// parse the whole returned list of items (in dictionary form) into a large array   
NSArray* arrayOfReturnedItems = [resultsDictionary objectForKey:@"items"];  

//*** test 2: view the items returned (in the console)
NSLog(@"Array returned: %@",[arrayOfReturnedItems objectAtIndex:0]);
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are you still getting null if you get all the objects? (NSArray * arrayOfReturnedItems = [resultsDictionary allValues];) –  Lil'Monkey Mar 19 '12 at 14:46
i guess my question is ... could it be a problem with the key "items" considering your dictionary looks allright –  Lil'Monkey Mar 19 '12 at 14:48
Can you please post the output of the console when you are logging the resultsDictionary? –  Alladinian Mar 19 '12 at 15:04
Thanks for the input, both Alladinian and L'ilMonkey. The output would have been way too big to post here (200+ results x 50 lines per item) - but the problem seems to be simply with the key. The 'items' key was the wrong one to look for. This is the second api-call-based app I've worked on, and in both cases I've had to spend a disproportionate amount of time figuring out the data structure of the returned json data. Is there a fast way to work through this kind of stuff? Apart from the (often scant) documentation provided? Thanks again guys. –  pereirap Mar 20 '12 at 21:50

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