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I implemented an Windows form with eventsink to detect "shapeDeleted" once I just could access to


I wanna to access to the "afterShapeDeleted", but right now I have two problems:

1- The below code do not work

pageEventList.AddAdvise((short)Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.VisEventCodes.visEvtCodeShapeDelete, eventHandler, "", "");

I'm getting this error:

{"\n\nAn exception occurred."}

I already tried this(with no success):

pageEventList.AddAdvise((short)801, eventHandler, "", "");

2- The following code is working, but I don't know how can I return back to my form code to perform some extra code, once the detection is made at "EventSink.cs" class and not on my "Form.cs":

       + (short)Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.VisEventCodes.visEvtDel, eventHandler, "", "");

There is anyway to catch the interruption on my Form.cs?

Thank you in advance, Rodrigo Campos

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