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Possible Duplicate:
How to create a plagiarism detector of c++ files
a simple lexer.cpp to convert a simle c++ file to a sequence of tokens

hi i have a project "plagiarism detector for c++ files"

and a need to know how to convert a c++ file to sequence of tokens like that :

int factorial(int n) {
if (n == 0) return 1 ;
else return n * factorial(n-1) ;

into that :

Int, factorial, (, int, n, ), {, if, (, n, ==, 0, ), return, 1, ;, else, return, n, *, factorial, (, n, -, 1, ), ;, }
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What have you tried? Also, I detect a certain irony in this question. – pmdj Mar 19 '12 at 21:45

One typically writes tokenizers using a lexer generator like Flex or using the lexer part of a parser generator like ANTLR. A lexer and parser of the C++ grammar, written lex and yacc are available.

These lexers boil down (to an extent) to a lot of regular expressions, and some code for switching between modes (e.g. string mode, comment mode, and language mode).

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