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I have a build job (A) and a functional test job (B), so the idea was that when clicking in B, Hudson would launch A before anything happens, failing if the build fails. The oposite is not true, clicking on A should not launch B.

I searched over and over, there are some plugin tips here concerning the Parameterized Plugin. But I couldn't get it working as I wanted, considering that I've configured B to use this option. The projects I put at "Trigger parameterized build on other projects" are always considered DOWNSTREAM projects. I think they should somehow be UPSTREAM projects.

Can someone provide me an easy, step-by-step, way to make B launch A before anything?


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In your case A is downstream with respect to B since B launches A. If you have hard time accepting it just consider it a naming convention :) It looks like you are doing everything right: B should launch A via the Parameterized Trigger Plugin as a build-step (not post-build step), wait for it, and fail if A fails (the plugin provides all these features). If everything is OK - continue with other build steps of B.

Important note: the above applies to Jenkins, not necessarily Hudson. I do not know if the plugin is compatible with Hudson since v2.4, the functionality described here first appears in v2.9

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Thanks, pal. My company uses Hudson... I'm going to check if v2..9 works with it. – Rafael Castro Mar 19 '12 at 17:31
Hudson could not get to it, so I created another job and just called everything there, in the order I wanted. – Rafael Castro Mar 28 '12 at 18:31

After checking the Hudson x Jenkins issue, I found out the Parameterized Trigger Plugin only gives this functionality with Jenkins. I created some Groovy scripts and called them as the build steps before the compilation I wanted.

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