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I have a list in SharePoint that contains several fields. I need to do some calculations on this list (filter and count) and display the results on a different page. We are currently using SharePoint 2007.

I can't get what I need by creating a view from the list. I need to create a new list based on the first list to get the proper level of filtering.

The result I am trying to get from this view needs to be displayed on a separate page.

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It would really help if you gave details on what filtering you require and why you need to create another list. –  Alex Angas Jun 18 '09 at 10:38

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Since you edited with "I need to create a new list based off the first list to get the proper level of filtering" I would suggest writing a console app with some CAML to query exactly what you need and then dump that into a new list.

However, it sounds like you could be using some calculated columns and then do what Moo suggested.

I think some more details about the question would help you get a better answer.

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In the list settings, you can add filters and counts/totals/sums to the view.

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