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Is it possible (in terms of Apple's terms and conditions) to develop an application for a restaurant that will include food ordering system and payment system via credit card?

And if so, do I need to use third party companies that implements the payment system?

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I would suggest that this kind of app would not be released on the App Store anyway, in which case Apple's T&Cs are slightly irrelevant. If you did it under an enterprise account, then you can handle shipping the builds yourself. It wouldn't really make sense to do it on the App Store as no random person would want to download such a bespoke app.

In terms of processing payments, did you see that PayPal launched a new thing for taking payments on an iPhone?

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Currently, in my working i'm developing and app that uses the typical method of payments for the most of webs. ( You can put it inside WebView in your application ... )

From what I understand and transmitted to us apple people: InApp purchase must be used for all goods that are not material, for all that is material, such as selling products, you can use external payment methods InApp purchase.

I hope that is helpfull!

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