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I am working on a very small webapp using Wicket. The app has three pages in sequence; submitting the form on the first page takes the user to the second page, and the form on the second page takes the user to the third page. The third page has a message of success or failure, which also includes some user information collected previously.

I would like to invalidate the user's session after displaying the third page, to prevent the user from using his back button to get back to the second page. If I use getSession().invalidate() in the constructor or in onAfterRender() of the third page, I get the "Page Expired" message instead of the contents of the third page.

I could use getSession().invalidate() in the onSubmit() method of the second page, and then use setResponsePage(ThirdPage.class) to display the third page, but I can't pass any information to the third page using this method.

Are there any other possible ways to implement this?

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You can pass information from page to page with page parameters.

See the offical API documentation.

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Thanks -- I hadn't noticed that setResponsePage could take a PageParameters object. It works for now, although I wish that I didn't have to use page parameters for this. –  kgutwin Mar 19 '12 at 15:44
Try mounting the third page, maybe this can fix the page expired error. –  rotsch Mar 19 '12 at 21:59

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