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I have ace editor integrated in my site. I have some code there, and i want to highlight changes in some rows.

Found out that

var range = new Range(rowStart, columnStart, rowEnd, columnEnd);
var marker = editor.getSession().addMarker(range,"ace_active_line","background");

supposed to highlight rows, but i get illigal constructor error on the creation of Range object. Any ideas ?

Is there a way to add yellow background to specific lines ?


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The problem is here that Range points to the browsers native range function and not to the Ace one. So you're probably not importing it. Try doing something like:

// taken from kitchen-sink.js
var Range = require("./range").Range;
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If you would like to mark lines with errors/warnings, you can use this API:

      row: 1,
      column: 10,
      text: "Strange error"
      type: "error" // also warning and information

Details are here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ace-discuss/joAFrXwWLX8/jejWFyGiMTwJ

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