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I am trying to implement lazy loading of the elements on node Expand Events. There is an issue with this. So on expand event, I create new items for the expanded node using


But this method calls


method of AbstractSelect class. There


is called. So Map is cleaned and all items of tree get new ids in map. When the answer from server comes to client side, it doesn`t know this new id , because it has previous id (of expanded node) so new items are not added and not rendered on client side.

I have tried https://vaadin.com/forum/-/message_boards/view_message/131802 . But, actually, the data for the whole tree is sent from server to client. And I expect that only data needed for the particular node is sent. So there is no performance "+" for this.

Can Anyone help me with this problem ? Thanks in advance.


Actually I also needed to change field


to true, because at first server send all the content of tree to client side.

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To paraphrase your problem; most people will assume that the tree uses your hashcode/equals implementations on your objects (thats why they're there!) for comparisons. You create your tree, do a bunch of other stuff including modifying the items you put in the tree, and then try to modify the tree using these items as a key.

Here's the problem.

The tree basically takes a snapshot of the hashcode for an item when you call addItem(). That hashcode is used by it internally to map the client artifacts to the object on the server. For any subsequent removeItem(), etc calls it just uses that snapshotted hashcode instead of calling the object's hashcode/equals method like any other normal container. If you debug through it via removeItem() you'll see pretty quickly what the problem is.

  • Simple solution: don't modify your objects once you put them in the tree. But if you do you need to rebuild the whole tree.
  • Better solution: create a proxy object (TreeNode or something) which contains the item but provides it's own equals/hashcode methods.
  • Best solution: Vaadin rework their tree so that it behaves like a standard java container. As it stands currently, this quirky behaviour isn't mentioned in the javadoc's on the methods that are going to fail.

Hope this helps someone.

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