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I am using Apache Tomcat 6.0.18, I am running on Windows XP

I have a web application which I place it's war file under webapps folder. The web application runs fine, its just when I run the shutdown.bat the application still runs (as in I refresh the page and it doesn't come up not found).

I check the localhost:/8080 and webpage cannot be found comes up

but when I run localhost:/8080/myapp my application comes up. I have tried this in both IE and Firefox

Thank you for any help.

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Is there a tomcat's shutdown message in it's logs? –  alexkasko Mar 19 '12 at 17:08

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I had this similar problem, This can only happen if Apache Tomcat is not configured properly. Best way is to check build path and look for exact directory of Apache.

Example i.e C:\Program Files (x86)\apache-tomcat-7.0.27

Also look for windows service for start, restart or stop

Run - services.msc

You may want to check this link


enter image description here

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Hey I found out I had an instance of Tomcat that would start it self when I booted my computer up. (very strange I didn't remember creating that at all actually...) but! I killed that instance taking up that port and tomcat works fine.. (I had another issue that my JRE_HOME was set to an older version then my JDK_HOME but that's another story..) Thanks though! –  PJT Jun 13 '12 at 19:58

Verify that tomcat is actually down (simplest way is via task manager)
The issue sounds like a caching issue. Try deleting your cache.

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