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Having a problem with MS Access 2007 refusing to display a form in design mode. I can see the code for the form (if I go through the event properties of a button that displays the form), but I cannot see the form laid out as a GUI. And, when I try and invoke this form from the application's main window, it does not display and locks up the whole GUI.

Now, I tried putting debug before and after the display of this form, and the debug does get invoked.

Anyone have any ideas? I tried looking at the Trust Center, and I set "Enable all Macros", but that didn't seem to matter.

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A few steps I would take:

  1. Make sure your form has the Auto Center, Auto Resize properties set to Yes.
    I had an issue once with forms that opened outside the visible screen, Quite baffling.
    Also try to change its PopUp and Modal properties to it becomes just a normal non-blocking form for your tests.

  2. Your database may be corrupted.
    Make a copy of your database and then decompile and compact it.
    You can do that from the command line, for instance:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\msaccess.exe" "D:\Code\mydb.accdb" /decompile /compact
  3. Export the VBA + Form resource, then delete the form from your Access client, then do the decompile+compact above again, then re-import the form.

    ' Export form and VBA to text files '
    Application.SaveAsText acForm, "myForm", "myForm.txt"
    ' Import form and VBA from text files '
    Application.LoadFromText, "myNewForm", "myForm.txt"
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