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I am looking for ways of creating Outlook accounts in code (C++ or NET). I have found this but I do not want to use Redemption. I want a COM-based solution (using Outlook COM API) or something I can statically link into my app.

I also found Account Management API which appears to be a great resource but apart from programmatically invoking the account dialogs, the sample does not show how to add an account in code. I saw this sample uses direct MAPI calls. Is MAPI alone the way to go on this?

Severe googling revealed no good leads. Any help is appreciated.

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Redemption is COM based. You can add MAPI based services (Exchange, PST, LADP) using Extended MAPI (IProfAdmin). For the services that are not MAPI based (POP3/SMTP, IMAP4), IOlkAccountManager only allows to modify or delete the services. The parts of IOlkAccountManager interface used to add new services are not documented.

UPDATE: as of version 5.6, Redemption exposes the RDOAccounts.AddPOP3Account method that allows to add POP3/SMTP accounts programmatically.

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Redemption may be COM based but 1) it is not free and 2) it cannot be bundled with my app (statically linked or preinstalled - like Outlook COM API). So using Redemption is not an option. –  wpfwannabe Mar 19 '12 at 17:41
Ah, I see there is a support for Directly loading Redemption and even a DllGetClassObject trick might work (only if there is no marshaling involved). The only problem is Profman cannot be tried out as it is not part of Developer version. –  wpfwannabe Mar 19 '12 at 18:21

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