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I am looking into a way to reboot a remote dedicated server using php. While doing research on Google I read about Python shell client. Is there is something similar in php?

Can I use php to reboot a remote server using shell commands? and what is needed to do so?

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You need the information how to call external shell script from PHP? – Tadeck Mar 19 '12 at 16:30
yes or connect to remote shell server and execute reboot command. – alhoseany Mar 19 '12 at 22:49

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I assume that you want a web based shell implemented in php. In that case you can look at this and this

Using these scripts you can run arbitrary shell commands. But remember 2 things. 1. password protect the web shell app 2. The shell will run commands as the apache user. If you want to reboot the server, apache may need root privileges. Running apache as root is usually considered as not a good practice.

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You probably can, by using exec(), passthru() etc. Is it a good idea, I'm not sure : you'll have to give reboot privileges (I don't know exactly, but it's almost root...) to your php user.

Just to be sure, what you want to do is to call a web page that will reboot your server, or it's more complicated that that?

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