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When I use component model data annotation attributes outside of the MVC framework context (inside a Web Forms website project), can I then invoke the built-in process to check the annotated data and retrieve the results?

The IValidatableObject interface provides the validation mechanism but I still need a hook into that process for retrieval of the ValidationResults. That's what I'm searching for.

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I came up with the following working sample to validate the annotations from inside my website project.

If anybody knows a better way, please feel free to share your answer too.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
using System.Linq;

// This method is on the same class that has been annotated with data attributes.
// That's why the validation logic references 'this'.
public override void Validate()
    ValidationContext context = new ValidationContext(this, null, null);
    List<ValidationResult> results = new List<ValidationResult>();
    Validator.TryValidateObject(this, context, results, true);
    if (results.Any()) // do whatever you want with the results.
        throw new Exception("validation failed");

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