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I have created a Dynamic View Panel custom control and want to add a pager to it. When I drop a pager into the designated editable area, I get Pager is not associated with any data control. I am computing the datasource using a sessionScope variable.

I've gone into All Properties and added the following code in the For property:

if(sessionScope.clickedView == null){
    return "All Active/All By Acronym";
    return sessionScope.clickedView;

What am I doing wrong?


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The value of the for attribute should match the id attribute of the view panel.

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Just incase you were curious wht it would look like, I had one up so here is an example.

<xe:dynamicViewPanel rows="30" id="dynamicViewPanel1">
        <xp:dominoView var="view1" viewName="alldocs"></xp:dominoView>
        <xp:pager layout="Previous Group Next" partialRefresh="true"
            id="pager1" xp:key="viewTitle" for="dynamicViewPanel1">
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