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I have a png with transparency that I'd like to use for the background of my layout. I need to set the background of the layout to a color, and then draw the image on top of that. Things I'd rather not do:

  1. Create a layout within my layout. Set the background of the outer layout to the color, set the background of the inner layout to the bitmap. This actually generates a warning because the inner layout doesn't do anything.

  2. Don't use a transparent png, just render the background image with the color.

Can I create an xml drawable that contains the image and the color maybe?

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you need to create a layer-list drawable,


here's another post on the topic,

overlay two images in android to set an imageview

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Perfect, thanks! –  ManicBlowfish Mar 19 '12 at 16:41
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Use a Layer List, in which you place your Color as an XML Drawble on the bottom, and then your other below that.

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Yes you can define a drawable that is made of multiple other drawables in xml: A LayerList

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