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What is a foolproof method to find the event device node for the hardware keyboard or mouse?

What I have tried is to read /proc/bus/input/devices and search for 'Keyboard' or 'Mouse' in the device name, but this doesn't work always, as the device names vary a lot.

The other option was to select the ones with Handlers=kbd and Handlers=mouseX, but on a laptop, there are other devices like 'Power button', 'Video bus' with Handlers=kbd too.

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All input devices have &input_class value in the dev->class field. So you can iterate over all the devices and check for (dev->class == &input_class). Next, for each input device you have found you'll need to see if it has a valid keyboard/mouse device name (for ex. "mice", "mouse%d", etc).

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The device names vary a lot, and don't necessarily contain the words mouse, mice or keyboard! –  vh4x0r Mar 22 '12 at 18:57

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