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I have a controller and a view (ctrler)


    def index

    def show
        @text = params[:text]    


View (show.html.erb)

<%=@text %>


resources :ctrler

match 'ctrler/:text' => 'ctrler#show'

If I fire the rails s server up and load up http://localhost:3000/ctrler/hiiiiiii I get nothing but if I load http://localhost:3000/ctrler?text=hiiiiii I get text!

Im still trying to get the hang of rails I'm used toPHP but can someone give me some guidance here am I on the right track or have I missed something out?

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resources :ctrler 

creates the following rule

match "ctrler/:id" => "ctrler#show"

This route conflicts with

match 'ctrler/:text' => 'ctrler#show'

In the event of a conflict, the rule that appears first takes precedence, so when you go to 'ctrlr/hiiiii', it is setting the id parameter to hiiiii, not the text parameter. Try to change routes.rb to

match 'ctrler/:text' => 'ctrler#show'
resources :ctrler

and see if that helps.

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