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in the objects list generated with the admin generator, the batch Action are shown in a select with a submit button. I want to transform it and get only link (for example i have the action delete and i want to have a link to delete instead of choosingthe action and than click on the button.)

i have the _list_batch_actions.php file but i could'nt see how to get the href for the tag:

    <li class="sf_admin_batch_actions_choice">
    <a href="<?php // url_for('@route')?>"> test</a> // this is what i added but not woorking
  <select name="batch_action">
    <option value=""><?php echo __('Choose an action', array(), 'sf_admin') ?></option>
    <option value="batchDelete"><?php echo __('Delete', array(), 'sf_admin') ?></option>
  <?php $form = new BaseForm(); if ($form->isCSRFProtected()): ?>
    <input type="hidden" name="<?php echo $form->getCSRFFieldName() ?>" value="<?php echo $form->getCSRFToken() ?>" />
  <?php endif; ?>
  <input type="submit" value="<?php echo __('go', array(), 'sf_admin') ?>" />

Any idea on how i can use it ?

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i don't see how can I refer to the objects beeing selected neither the write action to call !! – ProXamer Mar 19 '12 at 17:38
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Solution one:

The batch actions are submitted by form by default. You can rewrite the template to put links instead of a form.

Check your auto generated controler in the cache (you need before to see your admin page in order to generate the cache).


You will find a function executeBatch().

You can copy this function and put it in your admin module controler and then modify its behaviour in order to do what you need.

Solution two:

Use javascript to hide your form and put a link which will select the delete action in your select box, the submit the form using javascript.

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