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I am saving audio input in a file called sound.raw by using alsa api. I think that the sound amplitudes are being saved (it is a guess, i am not sure). The format i use is signed 16 bit number little endian (S16_LE). Now if the amplitudes are being saved, how do i see the amplitudes in decimal number format because as of now i only see a collection of @s and ^s and various other symbols which aren't making sense when i open the sound.raw file with vi.

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What you are seeing is the binary representation of the sound data as interpreted by vi (probably as ASCII). However, it is not meant to be human-readable, or a lot of storage would be wasted.

See Using vi as a hex editor for a way to show the data in hexadecimal format, which is the closest you're going to get to an answer to your question without (writing your own) specific software for displaying ALSA-formatted sound data in a human-readable fashion.

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