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I need to be able to add rows to a table dynamically with jQuery mobile. The rows consist of selection menus and input boxes. The code I have seems to work in pure jQuery and html but when I add the mobile stuff it stops working (the "added" select menus and input elements act as if the first row in the table is being clicked). I have a jsfiddle here. Does anyone have suggestions? Or an explanation of why jQuery mobile is breaking my code?

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When you call clone on the tr, the cloned row is inserted verbatim into your DOM. In order to achieve the result you want, the new <select> needs to have a unique ID.

You should add some logic to ensure that the new <select> tag has a different ID, such as select-choice-3, select-choice-4, etc.

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Thanks for the tip! I created a new fiddle ( with some logic attached. But there are still problems with the way jQuery Mobile is rendering it. Any ideas? Or is the logic bad? – anise Mar 22 '12 at 22:34

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