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I have using the following java pattern for the file 'ecd_pg2_cr_20120311_01.requests.xml.pgp'

Pattern matcher is: 'ecd_pg2*.requests.xml.pgp'

But is is unable to find out the matches, any suggestions around would be appreciated.


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2 Answers

Use something like this:

matcher =
                .getPathMatcher("glob: ecd_pg2*.requests.xml.pgp");
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Hi Pablo, unfortunately we use JDK1.4 so not latest version:) –  TP_JAVA Mar 19 '12 at 17:58
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You probably want ecd_pg2.*\\.requests\\.xml\\.pgp instead of ecd_pg2*.requests.xml.pgp . Your expression essentially looks for strings for the form, ecd_pg2.requests.xml.pgp , ecd_pg22.requests.xml.pgp , ecd_pg222.requests.xml.pgp , ecd_pg222.requests.xml.pgp .

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