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With Sinatra routes, how can there be both a required named parameter and an optional named parameter in the same part of the route.

Optional route parameter works fine here

get '/widgets.?:format?'

But, try to combine a required named paramter, and things break.

get '/widgets/:id.?:format?'

Requests for /widgets/abc.json pass the entire abc.json as the id parameter.

The Sinatra compiled regex is:

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This is because the regexp for matching :id is greedy, but adding ? to the rest makes them ungreedy. Please open an issue, I might be able to fix this. – Konstantin Haase Mar 21 '12 at 14:48
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I did get past this by going full regex on the route and excluding the "." from the first regex group.

get %r{/widgets\/([^\/?#\.]+)(?:\.|%2E)?([^\/?#]+)?}
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Did you also open an issue as @Konstantin requested? I've run into this sort of problem before (though not actually in Sinatra) and it would be good to know it's been fixed in Sinatra. – iconoclast Oct 4 '14 at 15:23

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