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I'm using RoR + acts_as_solr to query a Solr database.

I'm used to using "*" to select all, thanks to MySQL, but that command fires an exception in Solr. Are they other wildcards I can use? Suggestions? Thanks!

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You can't query for "all" in lucene. The typical way to do it is to add a field with the same value for all documents and query for that value.

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thanks - good to know –  happythenewsad Jun 10 '09 at 19:13
This is a wrong answer, see Mauricios answer below, i.e. use : in the query. –  Florian Pilz Nov 1 '13 at 10:08

In Solr you can get all documents by querying *:* (except for pagination, that's another topic)

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I prefer [* TO *] when I have used acts_as_solr. *:* seemed to perform much slower.

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It depends what you need to select all data for. By emulating a select * I assume you want all fields back from the document; this would happen naturally from your search terms as you just limit the documents returned.

select * from index where id = 'Burrito'

would be the same as just searching for


You would not have to do

*:* AND id:Burrito

If you want to see all the documents then use : as already suggested.

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