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currently i am using ActionBarSherlock for my project. I am creating my actionbar with this code.


Context context = getSupportActionBar().getThemedContext();
list = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource(context, R.array.locations, R.layout.sherlock_spinner_item);

getSupportActionBar().setListNavigationCallbacks(list, this);

My question is. After I choose an option from the dropdown navigation, How do I keep that state throughout my activities?

For Example, in the homescreen, I choose "Sports" under my dropdown navigation. The title of the dropdown navigation then becomes "Sports". When I change activites however, the dropdown navigation title defaults back to the first item on the list.

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One method I used was to create a base activity that each navigation item / activity extended from. Within the base activity, I overloaded onResume with an int to track which activity was active, and set the selected navigation item in that method.


public class BaseActivity extends FragmentActivity {


    protected void onResume(final int actId) {

        //...setup your action bar via getSupportActionBar() calls...

Then in your individual activities:

public class ExampleActivity extends BaseActivity {
    private final int ACT_ID = 1;


    protected void onResume() {


Hope that helps!

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